Ron Hawkins

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Set aside all this harmony
All things die eventually
We all fly away

Faces, facing south-southeast
Waiting for daylight to come

To come crashing
To shine down on the chosen ones
They’re like Sunflowers
They turn straight to the sun

But you and I
We burrow, barricade
A wasteland
You’re wasted now

But don’t waste your time
You can’t buy back the polaroids
They still haunt you
They cry out in your voice

Will you be wailing in the lonely dark hours?
Or waving in a field of sunflowers?
Will you be dialing down the dirty dog hours?
Or sailing on a sea of sunshowers

Waiting to believe in Sunflowers

So don’t waste your time
There’s no prize for the darkest one
They turn straight to the sun

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40