Sweet Simple Life

Ron Hawkins

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Well it’s a sweet, sweet simple life
Tales of defeat at the edge of the knife
It’s a long, hard road
Well it’s a dark, dank dirty street
You may get out if you’re light on your feet
If you dance in the depths of your soul

So you cut the lights (and you cut the cards)
I’ll lose the fight (and I’ll kiss the scars)
We’ll treat the night like a round of applause

Well it’s a sweet, sweet simple life
No one gets out of this place alive
But the saints and the clowns and the crows

Well you take The Six (and you take the wrap)
I’ll plead the fifth (ah c’mon, cut the crap)
You know that I know you better than that

Keep in mind what every wiseman said
‘Bout what becomes of the fortunes of the naked and the dead
We’ve been down this old grey path before
Baseball bats and cold water flats and uncivil wars

So you be the light (and you be the sun)
I’ll be the bullet (and I’ll be the gun)
You make ‘em quake (and you make ‘em run)
Well, I’ve made mistakes (and I forgive ‘em son)
We’ll cut the brakes and we’ll ride till it’s done

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40