Ten Speed Girl

Ron Hawkins

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You gotta write a little song
You got a fix a little hole, gotta right a little wrong
You gotta take a little time
You gotta make a little love in the sweet sunshine
You gotta find a little pearl
You gotta count ’em on your fingers with a ten speed girl

You gotta take a little time
You gotta hold a little hand, gotta rhyme a little rhyme
You gotta hum a little tune
You gotta scream it to the sun, gotta bark it to the moon

You gotta take your little heart
You gotta stretch it till you feel like it’s gonna come apart
You gotta sew a little seed
You gotta grow a little rose
Gotta dig a little weed

You’re gonna cry a little bit
You’re gonna lose a little sleep, gonna shoot a little shit
You’re gonna hear a little word
It’s gonna stab you in the heart man
And boy it’s gonna hurt
You’re living in a blur
You just might survive the weekend with a ten speed girl

She’ll ring her bell
She’ll take you home
She’ll kick your tires
And she’ll leave you on the curb

Leaning trees
And shooting stars
Limbs entwined in handle bars
She shouts your name at the passing cars
You strip your gears
And the wheels are coming off

Accidents occur
But life’s an endless summer with a ten speed girl
You better hold on to her
No time for training wheels she’s a ten speed girl

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40