Till It Kills Ya

Ron Hawkins

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Bite the hand that thrills ya
Give that ghost another round
Take it till it kills you
Gravity’s a long way down
Just bum a little powder
When everything is all you’ve got to say
And hum a little louder
Make those vivid voices go away

Lazy little lover
Sex is only one way out
Dying is another
At least I’m pretty sure about that
So jab that dirty arrow
And bite my bottom lip until it bleeds
We’re cashin’ in this crime scene
We’re tradin’ in the forest for the trees

And if you should fall, you should fall… stay down
And if you should fall, you should fall, you should fall
Stay down

If nothing really matters
Then every day is every bit the same
A beautiful cadaver
The emperor of empty alleyways

A tisket and a tasket
A brittle broken bird a bitter bind
A kiss and then a casket
I’ll miss you when you’re gone
Goodbye… goodbye

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40