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Ron Hawkins

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I met you in July
As they showed you around the floor
I filed your name away but it rattled in my drawer
Then autumn passed away
And winter followed suit
I loved you more each day and I know you know that’s true

It’s simple when it comes
So pretty and profound
To feel so lost and found

I knock off around five
To find some happy hour
I thought I caught your eye across a Bourbon Sour
But when it wasn’t true
I weighed the compromise
She laughs a bit like you, and smiles at awkward times

So here’s mud in your eye
And do you wanna dance?
And beat all our bad days down
I’ll kiss you to a cab
And here’s mud in your eye
We’ll keel haul this dull grey town
Yeah we’ll beat all our bad days down

Oh, oh this is not a drill
Stop signs seem so sad and still
All these dreams of time to kill
But if we don’t pull the trigger soon you know we never will

So press the 14th floor
And check the coast is clear
Will you come to my door and kiss me away from here?

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40