Corner Room

Ron Hawkins

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She sleeps in the corner room
The blinds are drawn
And the lines are too
I’m sleeping on the sofa bed
Eyes wide, tongue-tied,
Thinking about the times when I was…
Close to her
Two souls alone in the world

She’s got a heart like a jumbo jet
Custom built for turbulence
And a mind like a bayonet
Cool, keen and dangerous
She’s so close it hurts
Last suppers are just desserts
She’s so far from me
A staircase from here to eternity

Salesmen, cheats and swine
A man can be a sad excuse sometimes
I guess I couldn’t hear her
I guess I didn’t see her cryin’
And I guess that’s why they call the drunk blind

I woke up like an atom bomb
Bolt upright, a flash of light
And everything I loved was gone
And if I never get back home
I’ll call her up long distance on the telephone to feel…

Close to her
Hang ups, bad connections, indifferent dial tones
She’s so close to me
In the belly laughs and the photographs and the sweet old memories
I’m so close to through
What’s a poor, blue, downhearted boy like me to do
When it’s so close to three
It’s time to put the cap back on this old crutch and try to get some sleep

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