Diamonds In The Water

Ron Hawkins

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Oh Grace your face is a constant reminder
But every night it gets a little harder to find you
Till I’m just sittin’ here
Prayin’ to God that I don’t disappear
The light is cruel and most nights the darkness is kinder

When everyday gets a little harder to swallow
And everything gets a little harder to follow
I’ve been writing wrongs
Fictions for pictures on my wall
But every word seems a little bit more hollow

Oh Grace and Mary my mind falters
One of you is my wife and one’s my daughter
Some days I can’t say which
It’s like begging for change when you used to be rich
It feels like dropping diamonds in the water

But there’s a place
I’ll be there soon
I’ll cup your face like I used to do
When the world was a room that we made love in

I’m watching the stars fall
It’s like the end of something
And I give them names – the Ghost, the Son, the Father
And I used to pray but these days I just don’t bother
‘Cause it feels like dropping diamonds in the water

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