Lucky Street Lazarus

Ron Hawkins

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Ah, here we go again
You’re down off your cross
You walk out of the rain in Lucky Street
Just like you’re Lazarus
But it ain’t no miracle
No, it ain’t to hard to see
Behind the curtain of this two bit sleight of hand
You’re tryin’; to pull on me

‘Cause you’ve become a lying, cheating, fire-breathing
Long, cool, drink of remorse
All the bruises and the stitches, zombies and the witches
Have all become a matter of course
When you ride in on the darkest horse

Where do you get off?
Why do you go on?
Wasting all my time shooting your mouth off
Just like a Tommy gun
Every other hour of every single day
Why do you take it out and wave it around
Just to put it away?

‘Cause even when we lie in the gutter
We stammer and we stutter
But some of us are looking for stars
While you lay there bleeding, bottom-feeding
Listening for the police cars
Ah, the sky is clear and it can’t help but mirror
The blackness in your white-trash heart
Such a fine night for shooting stars
It’s a fine night for stealing cars

Ah huh, you’ve been away too long
And now, you wanna come back home

Well, not on your life… over my grave
The tip of the ice, the edge of the knife,
Till the end of my days
Here we go again…

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40