One Hundred Five

Ron Hawkins

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Our hearts are only twenty-two
Our souls a hundred -five
There’s a railway runs between the two
Like the freight-trains of our lives

We tug our time like ragged sleeves
And our days we wear ’em thin
We scatter them like pumpkin seeds
Or breath into the wind

You know I don’t believe in God
But I believe in you
From the roads down which we both have trod
To the nights that you pulled me through

You scream love like a battle cry
You shine love like a light
But you’ve got that look in your eye
And there won’t be no talkin’ tonight

Some questions they don’t have question marks
Some answers they leave you in the dark
Some words feel more like broken bones
Until goin’ home… don’t feel like goin’ home

If you should ever go away
If you should lock your door
I know one crestfallen musketeer
Who ain’t gonna smile no more
My heart is only twenty-two
But my soul’s a hundred five
I’ll destroy this body when I’m through
And away my spirit will fly
Right before your eyes
Ah, but don’t look to the sky

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40