Hole In The Ground

Lowest of the Low

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 You call me up
And ask why I’m not coming around
‘Cause I thought I had
A friend who knew his ass from a hole in the ground
But that’s ok
I don’t feel a bit betrayed

I call you up
I get that same old murder scene
All I wanna say
Is “hello fuck up, how ya been?”
I don’t know
If I’m coming or if you’re going

Your substances are more controlled than you today
I think you’re right, I guess you always puke this way
But how many more times today?

And everything’s ok
As long as nothing is alright
And I guess you can stay
And crash out on my couch tonight
‘Cause I’m gonna miss having you around
When they put you in a hole in the ground
It’s a sorry sight
You’ve never slept so sound
As you are tonight in your hole in the ground

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