Lazy Days

Lowest of the Low

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Lazy days… li di dy
Take my pay, but don’t waste my time
Cause folks are born and then they die
Willing prisoners of their own design
To pageants and plans
The new shackled man is castaway
Immune to the bliss
The sweet tender kiss
Of lazy days

It’s just a crutch, a fantasy
Like a pistol or a rosary
Neither one can set you free
Only deeper into debt you’ll be
To a heart that they stole
Till your sweet simple soul is bound in chains
Though your dreams struggle on
They’re here then they’re gone
Like lazy days

When your destiny called
And the world fell at your feet
Unprepared and appalled
You were hollow and incomplete

Well I wanna know
Where did they go?

Those lazy days… li di dy
You’re the stillness in the hurricane’s eye
You were there from the start
But I broke your heart in countless way
Now it’s blacker than black
Please take me back
Lazy days

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28