Teenage Insurrection

Here it is everyone – the first single from the upcoming Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins record 246. Teenage Insurrection is a call to arms, to tap into that insurrectionary energy we had as 16 year olds. “Put your shoulder to the wheel! Every idle minute is a murdered one.”

We recorded the album on a 1985 Tascam 246 4 track cassette recorder in Jody’s living room.

The philosophy – all analogue… no digital tomfoolery. 

Caught by the pandemic with no video content I did what I might’ve done at 10 years old with a super 8 camera – I made a stop motion film. Thankfully I did this one on my daughter’s i-Pad and was able to maximize the “love” in the phrase “labour of love”.

  1. Ambulance Chaser Ron Hawkins 2:33